domingo, 10 de enero de 2010


Hey!, my name is Bertha, and im really into all this fashion things, that many people will consider a waste of time, a waste of money, or just things that really dont matter, for me they do... and i spend most of my time watching all this amazing streetstyle blogs or fashion blogs, and making my own sketches of the close i'd like to wear, or just dipping myself into fashion magazines like VOGUE, INFASHION, NYLON, BAZAAR... etc. And that was why i decided to create my own blog, to talk about things that i really care about, and that maybe other people do and we can share oppinions and stuff.
Here in mexico we have a lot of people with style, but some of them dont come out to the street, because here people is always criticizing you, and i really cant take pictures of the ones that really dress like they feel, because they might think im going to kidnap them or something, thats why im going to put pictures of some outfits i've create that i've weared, and maybe some other pictures of models that i choose for the blog.
Well... the girl in that photo is me, im 15 years old, i love playing my guitar and writting my own songs, i love drawing, everything, but i really enjoy drawing clothes, i really love to dress myself like a way to express my creativity, my mood, and to express who i am, i love the languages too. Im originally from Veracruz, Mexico, thats a shore, and most of the time its so freaking hot!, and... hot its not something that i necesarily love, but thats what i have. I have some relatives on Berlin and in Swiss... and since i was a little girl, my dream was to go to germany and live in there for the rest of my life. Thats why i speak german, english,obviously spanish, and i've having french lessons for 6 months now, what i've always wanted to learn was russian, its hard i know, but i like challenges.
My blogs name is "versteckte Kamera"... in english would be something like "Hidden Camera", in spanish "Camara escondida"... in french "Caméra cachée"... and well, i just want to tell you guys THANKS for getting in here, please comment my uploads, and add me to your favorites if you like my blog, and also, im going to be writing some things in German too... but im putting the translations right down so the people that dont speak german can understand it too.